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Scrumit Agile Training

At ScrumIT we offer Agile training in a totally new way. By learning to work together on a rugby pitch your team can become a strong and high performing team in the workplace.

Take a look at the video to see what happens when you go on the pitch together as members of an Agile team.

Your team members will experience the roles, processes and artefacts of Agile on the pitch and in the classroom. Our trainers stress the importance of values like cooperation, commitment and autonomy. We help teams to combine diverse characters and expertise domains to build a strong team.

Learn Agile working by experiencing Agile! Come and take up the challenge of becoming a winning Agile team!

Scrumit Agile Coaching

Many organisations need support in introducing Agile, or when optimising existing teams. Our coaches help your Agile teams to achieve ‘flow’ and help you to embed Agile thinking in your organisation.

Your needs are central to our approach, so together we will set goals and plan a coaching trajectory in coaching-sprints. Our coaches are experienced in teamwork and know what it takes to achieve ‘flow’ in a team.

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Why Scrumit?


Our training sessions are tailor made for your organisation


Our coaches are energetic people who bring enthousiasm to your team and organisation


Your teams will learn to cooperate effectively


Experience Scrum in an active way and reflect together on opportunities and challenges


Our coaches have experience with Agile and Scrum in several sectors


A powerful combination of learning and enjoyment in cooperation

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